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[SoHo] Hong Kong Yongchengli Group President You DaoSheng was interviewed to explain the project settled in the high-tech zone

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Title: "Hong Kong Shandong Week" came to an end in late May, with some questions and curiosity about this event, we interviewed a boss who signed a project in the southern high-tech zone of Taicheng on this "Shandong Week" ----- Mr. You Daosheng, the founder of Hong Kong Yongchengli Group.


It was a sunny summer afternoon, the summer sun had baked the whole city into a feverish heat, but when we walked into the parlor of the president of Yongchengli Group, we were greeted by the cool smell of tea, which made us feel refreshed. After waiting for about three minutes, we saw a man who looked to be around 35 to 40 years of age walk over to us, and this was the man we were interviewing today, You Daosheng. I thought he would have some hair or be a bit fat, but Mr. You showed a steady but energetic presence, with an air of competence. He greeted us very warmly in Mandarin with a southern accent, "Sorry, everyone, I just finished an afternoon meeting, so I kept you waiting", showing the easy-going nature of this male businessman. As we laughed, Mr. You walked over to the marble tea table and sat down to begin our interview today...

A Tarzan connection

After asking about the specifics of the Hong Kong Shandong Week, Mr. You answered: "Hong Kong is one of the main sources of foreign investment in Shandong Province. In 2011, Hong Kong invested in 501 projects in Shandong Province, ranking first among more than 130 countries and regions that came to invest in Shandong in consecutive years. 2013 Hong Kong Shandong Week is a very large event, the provincial party committee deputy secretary and Acting Governor Guo Shuqing led a Shandong delegation of several hundred people to the Hong Kong community. On 29 May, our group finally reached a consensus with Taian High-tech Zone after many negotiations and efforts and successfully signed a contract. Now, Hong Kong Wing Shing Lee Group is officially stationed in Tai'an, and a series of projects will be developed and constructed next, so please wait and see."

From Tai Shan to Xiang Jiang, with Hong Kong Shandong Week as the link, I believe both sides will continue to be wonderful and work for hand in hand to create a prosperous and bright tomorrow.

When asked why Mr. You chose Tai'an for investment, Mr. You said, "I have come to Tai'an several times to climb Mount Tai, I feel that Tai'an is a spiritual city, as the saying goes, investment in Tai'an is as stable as Mount Tai, I have been observing and inspecting, Tai'an has changed a lot every year, I also see that the government support is very strong, the investment environment is very good, also with the spirit of Mount Tai".

Afterward, we talked about the specifics of this project, and Mr. You said that the total investment of the project in the high-tech zone is several billion yuan, and after its completion, it can realize an annual tax of hundreds of millions of yuan and solve the employment of more than 2,000 people. After the completion of the project, it will greatly meet the needs of the citizens of Gaoxin District and even the people of Tai city for leisure, entertainment, catering, shopping, office, and residence, and will also strongly promote the development of the tertiary industry in Gaoxin District.

According to the group's deputy general manager of marketing Deng Sen, the Hong Kong Yongchengli Group investment project is located in Taian High-tech Development Zone, east of the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, north of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, west of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, south of the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, 104 National Road through the district, the location and transportation conditions are unique. The project covers an area of 148 mu, with a total construction area of 350,000 square meters, planning to build a star hotel, a large shopping plaza, SOHO, high-rise residential as one of the urban complexes. The project is divided into two parts, the commercial part along Longtan Road and the middle and high-end residential area on the inner side. It covers the three thematic parts of New Century Hotel, New Century Commercial Plaza, and Yongsheng-Century Leisure City.

Entrepreneurial history and advice for young people starting a business

It is believed that every successful person has a painful history behind them. With this curiosity, we introduced the topic of You Daosheng's entrepreneurial history and advice for young people to start their businesses.

"I feel that there are three points of advice for young people to start their own business: the first point is enlightenment. I arrived in Shenzhen at the age of 17 or 18, and when I first arrived I saw that there were more than 20-storey buildings in Shenzhen, at this time I thought, "I must stay because in my hometown there were at most three-story buildings, which were still public schools. He felt that Shenzhen could bring him wealth and change his life and that the road to entrepreneurship was very difficult, and he only used one sentence to pass it by: "Of course, there are many, many problems in entrepreneurship, and it is very difficult, so I won't say much here."

The second point is character. "As an entrepreneur, you must have good character, your character is good, you will slowly make a lot of friends, you will also let your brothers and sisters (staff) willing to follow you, this character in the usual may not see what big role, but when you encounter difficulties, at that time he will play its power... "

The third point is persistence. "As long as you stick to it and do what you think is right, you will succeed", he said, returning to his first point of enlightenment, which enables you to feel what business opportunities are big and what things are right. "The first time I was recruited into a factory, I was thinking that this general manager position is mine, I can't do it for one year, two years, two years, not three years, I was convinced that the position is there, it is mine, then later I succeeded" laughs brightly.

When it comes to today's society, Dawson said, you reach a prosperous city, there are many business opportunities here, and the opportunity for everyone is equal, the key is to see if you have found (perception) has not persisted in doing.

Homesickness turns into charity motivation

When I first entered You's parlor, I saw two words, "Nostalgia", carved underneath an antique tea table, and a mural of a Hakka family Tulou behind it. When asked about his origins, Mr. You said, "I was born in a village in Longyan, Fujian Province, which is one of the sources of the Hakka Tulou Cultural Scenic Area in China, and as I said earlier I first worked outside at the age of 17 or 18 and then started my own business. I miss my family, my folks, so I had someone buy this table with the word "miss" and this painting behind me", he said. He went on to say, "Our place was not rich before, but now I have some capital, so what I can do is to give back to the land and the people who gave birth to me as much as I can.

You Daosheng has not only achieved success in his career but has also spared no effort in his charity work. He understands the hardships that poor people's children face when growing up, so he has for many years provided free financial support to several poor university students and funded the construction of a home for the elderly, bringing security and happiness to widows and orphans in their old age.

You Daosheng has adhered to his beliefs for more than a decade: "Always be honest, only then can you be profitable", and this belief has helped him to move forward in his life, and has driven him to achieve success one after another in his career.

Wing Shing Properties

Wing Shing Properties, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Wing Shing Lee Group, is the Group's only wholly-owned subsidiary with real estate development as its main business. Focusing on urban operation, YSP Land is actively working to play a leading, demonstrative, radiant, and driving role in regional science and technology innovation and economic development, showing the new face of Tai'an and endorsing the new image of Tai'an with the momentum of "a single spark can start a prairie fire". With the development of landscape and entertainment projects such as Tian Yi Lake, Tian Le City Water World, and Sun Tribe, and the improvement of various infrastructural facilities, the role of the new urban center of the high-tech zone is increasingly apparent. The combination of Yongsheng-New Century International Hotel, Yongsheng New Century Commercial Plaza, and Yongsheng-Century Peace Town project will surely become a landmark project in Gaoxin District and a pearl rising in the new center of the city.

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